Online Learning Skills

onlineAsk yourself this question “Are you confident learning online?”. If the answer is either “Yes” but want to know more or “No” I am not confident, then give it a go with these courses as you will pick up the necessary skills required to help improve your online learning. Aside from not just learning but also you will pick up some great links to some of the free open source products that you would otherwise never know.

Here are the links to those four short courses started this week on the back of two Blended Learning courses offered by the University of Leeds as part of the MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) on FutureLearn Blended Learning Essentials: Getting Started and Blended Learning Essentials: Embedding Practice.

The following courses are primarily aimed at helping students develop their skills to apply the techniques of learning online but the methodology of online learning applies to everyone. As I have already said there are so many free tools and methods provided here it would be a missed opportunity not to take part.

  1. Learning Online: Learning and Collaborating
  1. Learning Online: Reflecting and Sharing
  1. Learning Online: Managing Your Identity
  1. Learning Online: Searching and Researching

I like this quote by Carl Rogers the American psychologist which aptly sums up for me; “The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change.” So with this in mind I wish you all the best and remember learning never stops so good luck and go for it.

About TYW

I am Tenzin from Devon in England but I am originally from Bhutan. It is a small country in the Himalayas. Famously known as the Land of Gross National Happiness. Tashi Delek!
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