An Arrogant American Man

I really like this story which has a good moral resonance and thought I will share it with you. I have no idea how I found this story as I had it saved on my phone and I cannot credit the person who wrote it. Whoever wrote it I am grateful to have read it and enjoyed this short story of such moral value to learn from. I have titled it as An Arrogant American Man and in doing so, no offence intended to my American friends.  I hope you will enjoy reading it and like the ending part as much as I have. Here it is…

An American man walked into a restaurant in London. As soon as he entered, he noticed manan African man sitting in the corner. So he walked over to the counter, removed his wallet and shouted, “Waiter! I am buying food for everyone in this restaurant, except that black African guy over there!”


So the waiter collected the money from the man and began serving free food to everyone in the restaurant, except the African. However, instead of becoming upset, the African simply looked up at the American and shouted, “Thank you!” That infuriated the man.

So once again, the American took out his wallet and shouted, “Waiter! This time I am buying drinks and additional food for everyone in this bar, except for that African sitting in the corner over there!” So the waiter collected the money from the man and began serving free food and wine to everyone in the bar except the African.

When the waiter finished serving the food and drinks, once again, instead of becoming angry, the African simply smiled at the American man and shouted, “Thank you!”

That made the American man furious. So he leaned over on the counter and said to the waiter, “What is wrong with that African man? I have bought food and drinks for everyone in this bar except him, but instead of becoming angry, he just sits there and smiles at me and shouts ‘Thank you.’ Is he mad?”

The waiter smiled at the American and said, “No, he is not mad. He is the owner of this restaurant.

Such a twist of fate and now who is really mad! I hope you enjoyed reading it and particularly like the concluding part, that reminded me of a quote from Buddha on anger which is so appropriate to sum up this story.

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” 

About TYW

I am Tenzin from Devon in England but I am originally from Bhutan. It is a small country in the Himalayas. Famously known as the Land of Gross National Happiness. Tashi Delek!
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