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Lhabab Duchen – The Descending Day of Lord Buddha

This year on November 20th it is marked as Lhabab Duchen which is translated as the day when Buddha descended from the Heaven of Thirty-Three gods after he was begged to return to earth by one of his disciples. He … Continue reading

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The Parable of Bamboo Acrobats

This is the parable of two bamboo acrobats which Buddha addresses to his monks to outline the importance of mindfulness practice. The story vividly describes the role between the master and his assistance on how they should support each other … Continue reading

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Voting Against the Establishment

There is a pattern developing in how people are voting as seen in┬áthe recent UK referendum and the US election. I think it is the protest vote against the establishment rather than the ideology, policy or the manifesto as people … Continue reading

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