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5 Reassuring Quotes of Wisdom

I found some quotes online which are so reassuring to read, I would like to share here for everyone. Next time when you feel lost or need some words of wisdom, remember and reflect on these quotes. 1. “Sometimes the bad … Continue reading

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Perception of Mindfulness in a Commercialized Society

The practice of mindfulness is traditionally seen as a sacred spiritual practices and still does particularly in Bhutan, Tibet, India and most Buddhist countries. The techniques to learn and develop such skills undoubtedly would have been really hard without a … Continue reading

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Om Ma Ni Päd Me Hum

Om Ma Ni Päd Me Hum is the mantra made up of six syllables, which most Tibetan and Bhutanese people would chant everyday either quietly or sing out loudly, every opportune moment. This mantra although short and very easy to … Continue reading

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