Tiger’s Nest in Bhutan known as Taksang

Taksang the literal translation in English is the Tiger’s nest is one the most sacred, most visited and most photographed temples in Bhutan. In fact, this temple is one of the most revered and sacred temples for Tibetans and Bhutanese all over the world.

Legend has it an Indian Guru in the 8th century called Padmasambhava known mainly by everyone as Guru Rinpoche flew to this place on a flying tigress from Tibet to spread Buddhist teachings and also to subjugate all evil demons in the regions.

There are several caves you can see where he is believed to have meditated for three years, three months and three days locally known as Losoom Chosoom. The main cave is not accessible to the public as it is under lock and key but you can still see it nonetheless to offer your prayers and receive blessings.

There is also a brilliant view of the waterfall from the main temple where you can see the imprint left from his sitting position and also the imprints of both knees just below it from his consort Khandro Yeshe Tshoghayl. The story goes whilst meditating the string from his prayer beads broke and his consort kneeled down in an attempt to catch them hence the imprints of knees. Legend has it the beads were made of glass, I guess like marbles and when the string broke, the glass beads went flying down the cliff and as such the waterfall is named appropriately as”Shekhar Chu” meaning the glass beads water (correct me if I am wrong).

My sister told me if you have accumulated good merit you can see the shape of glass beads falling down the cliff. In three winters I have been there as a child spending my winter vacation with my dad in his retreat, I have only seen a rainbow and never the falling glass beads. The locals believe seeing the rainbow is a good omen even if you don’t see the falling glass beads.

It is a very peaceful place and a stunningly beautiful view of the Himalayan mountain ranges from up there. I would say it is one of the must see places and definitely one to add to your bucket list if you haven’t already.


About TYW

I am Tenzin from Devon in England but I am originally from Bhutan. It is a small country in the Himalayas. Famously known as the Land of Gross National Happiness. Tashi Delek!
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