Why do you blog?

I ask this question “Why do you blog?” or “Why do anyone blog?” for that matter and the answer I get is not always as simple as you might think. We instinctively assume the blogs are written for others to read. From my experience of writing few blogs and reading several over the last few years, they are generally written for various reasons either for social, commercial or personal.

As English is not my first language and not even my third spoken language, it helps me to write and express what I think and how I feel. Most of what I often write are for my own reference sake as it is a lot easier for me to find everything in one place and available to access them across multi-devices and on any internet connected computers. Not everything I write is published and may never be published as I use writing as a therapy to get through whatever challenges life may present.

This way of writing for personal, social and commercial reasons are not uncommon now and being able to do this on the go has become so easier in the last few years with free and easy to put together blog pages along with smartphones and easy to use apps. These days you don’t even have to write or type as the voice to text apps are widely available and can produce anything on the go with few editing afterward.

It is true that generally, when we write blog pages on any topics, one of our primary objectives is to write for others to read. Whilst I create and curate my blog pages I am thinking and writing them for my own purpose first and foremost but I am naturally happy if others find any of what I write useful too. Perhaps this outlook of how I curate my blogs may change later as I do wish to write and share my experiences to help others and therefore my writing may also change too.

I first started my blog pages primarily to keep a record so that I can use it for reference as and when required. Now it has become like an organized note keeping of all sorts of things and some examples of what I keep are included below:

Holiday Journal – When I went home to Bhutan I decided to keep a journal and wrote about my experience traveling home after a long time away from almost twenty years. I wanted to capture the first-hand experience of what has changed in all that time.

Various useful web links – I find it easier to store web links in one place as opposed to saving them to favorites which can only be accessed on a device you saved it.

Course Notes  – It is a good way of keeping course notes all in one place for easy access whenever required.

Recipes – I have created this page to compile Bhutanese recipes that I cook and my families love eating.

Dharma blog – I am a Buddhist and love collecting and sharing the teachings of Buddha.

Writing Notes – I often use writing as a therapy to vent off frustration and then delete it afterward.

Creating and learning to build web pages – I like learning how to create web pages and keep a record of links, pages I create.

Podcasts links – I compile links to all the podcasts show notes I listened to for reference and to share with others.

YouTube links – It is helpful to have links to all YouTube in one place.

Educational Materials – Any web pages I come across which are useful for personal development.

Hints and Tips – for various login details (not published and I know you are not supposed to write them down but they are in cryptic clues)

Journal Diary – Keep a note on journal diary as and when I have something interesting to write and access it from any internet-connected devices.

Family Tree – Great way to share and collaborate with all the families across the globe to update and maintain the family tree.


About TYW

I am Tenzin from Devon in England but I am originally from Bhutan. It is a small country in the Himalayas. Famously known as the Land of Gross National Happiness. Tashi Delek!
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