Writing is for Life and not just for November

The month of November is dedicated as a NaNoWriMo challenge month which is a National Novel Writing Month, held every year since 1999 where you can take part via the internet to record your progress. They have a local group managed by the volunteers of NaNo for a regular face to face get together to share and support each other and an online group such as Facebook for people interested in writing. Participants are asked to register online and pledge to write a 50,000 word manuscript during the month of November and update their progress on NaNoWriMo official page. This is to help stimulate and motivate wannabe authors to write and see how well they do in the world of creativity and writing.

I have been interested in writing a book since the time I went to Bhutan a few years ago where I kept a journal note of my travel. I later shared my travel log on my blog for my family to read.  I have no particular interest in any genre to write as yet and happy to explore my interests. I have also looked into putting together a Bhutanese recipe book as I have not come across one on the internet. This is one area I know I can contribute in compiling for others to use. I enjoy cooking and I will write only what I cook. Whilst everyone is looking to write for money, I am motivated in creating digital records to share with my family and friends but if because of exploring this I am rewarded that would be great; icing on the cake.

Few days before NaNoWrimo2017 this year, I have had no idea what to write and what to expect. All I Knew was that 50,000 word is the target but I doubt if I would get anywhere near that. It is not because of lack of ideas or interest, rather deciding which idea to go for and how I can sustain that idea to accomplish the set goal by the end of the month. I noticed few Facebook groups have been created to collaborate and network to support this which I have taken part but I wasn’t confident to join the local face to face meetings yet; maybe next year. I guess you could say my imposter syndrome was holding me back from taking part.

I kept on saying this to myself “Writing is for Life and not just for November”  over and over again to myself perhaps as an excuse knowing well that 50K is beyond my reach to accomplish this month this year. I like one of the messages of encouragement I received and in it, we are told not to beat ourselves up if we haven’t met our own expectations yet and that not to give up hope, and keep aiming for that goal we are yet to achieve.

I rewrote my journal “Home Coming” in this year’s NaNoWrimo2017 challenge. I chose this topic as I already had my travel notes and thought it would be easier to rewrite it. I know I won’t write 50K even with what I already have by the end of the month but I would have made a good start. It has been great to connect online with everyone for inspiration, suggestion, information and not forgetting the bucket of ideas you get from everyone online. I find the online community so generous in giving their support and I have learned a lot from them.

Finally, I would like to wish everyone all the best with their writing and most of all enjoy what you write. My aim this month was to learn all the writing craft and network with everyone whilst also taking part in this year’s NaNo challenge which will hopefully form the foundation of my writing going forward. I think I have achieved that and hopefully, I can carry on writing and networking with others henceforth.

All the best again and Tashi Delek to you all.


About TYW

I am Tenzin from Devon in England but I am originally from Bhutan. It is a small country in the Himalayas. Famously known as the Land of Gross National Happiness. Tashi Delek!
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