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Training of the Mind

Training of the Mind As the great ancient Indian Buddhist master Nagarjuna wrote in his Letter to a Friend, In superior moral discipline, superior wisdom And superior contemplation, one must constantly train. More than one hundred and fifty training Are … Continue reading

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Gone but Never Forgotten

Today, a year ago we lost our dear mum but never have we lost her from our hearts. She will be remembered forever by everyone she touched. In honour of her memory we have offered 108 candles, prayer flags to … Continue reading

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Happy 70th Birthday NHS

In the UK, today is the 70the anniversary since the birth of the NHS (National Health Service) in 1948 when NHS was born to provide free healthcare service to all from the cradle to grave. Happy 70th birthday to NHS … Continue reading

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Bodhisattva Vow

First of all, what is a Bodhisattva and why we should take the vow. Bodhisattva is the one who always think of the welfare of others and willing to show the right path to lead us from all our sufferings. This … Continue reading

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