Kuzuzangpo La!

I am Tenzin Wangdi from Devon in England but I am from Bhutan hence the Kuzuzangpo La which is hello in my language. Bhutan is a small country in the Himalayas and it is famous for being the GNH country. When the young king was asked by the leaders of the west about his country’s GDP he answered Gross National Happiness of his people was more important than Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

I am married with two boys, a Basenji dog, and a goldfish. I am a primary school teacher by profession but now working as IT Trainer and eLearning developers for the NHS organisation.

I like promoting learning and believe in lifelong learning. I love Origami the art of paper folding, complex the better and create most of my work following YouTube instructions.

My motto; Life is so short, live it well while you can and make as many new friends as you can and learn as much as you can.

Tashi Delek!

Tenzin YW


2 Responses to About

  1. Hello Tenzin,
    Might I have your e-mail address? I need to get in touch with you regarding a more personal (for me) request.
    Thank you,

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