MOOC stands for a Massive Open Online Course which as the name suggest is an online course aimed at unlimited participation and can be accessed via the internet connected web anywhere in the world. And it is free “YES!” with so many courses to choose from and most courses does award you with the Statement of Accomplishment as well as the option to buy a verified certificate (I won’t explain the verified certificate part here as this is explained very well along with the course information when you enrol into a course). The only thing required from you is your time which you do have to stick to prescribed course schedules and submit assignments in time.

MOOCs also provide and encourage community learning in that problems can be solved through interactive user forums with the help of other students, support teaching assistants (TAs), comprehensive reading materials and not forgetting the professors/lecturers delivering the course.

I have listed below some of my favourites MOOCs providers but there are many out there to choose from as well. I have used mostly Coursera and FutureLearn, mainly because I like the way how they have presented their courses but I am sure you will no doubt have your own preference.

All I can say is Tashi Delek* and Here’s to Never Stop Learning! #HTNSL





Canvas Network

Open Yale


Academic Earth

*Tashi Delek means best of luck in my language “Bhutanese”  a small country called Bhutan in the Himalayas.


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