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Buddhist Wisdom and Philosophy

These are some of the profound wisdom from some of the renowned Buddhist scholars of our generations. These quotes are golden nuggets of precious teachings so appropriate and current to our modern society. When you read these profound quotes… May the … Continue reading

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Buddhist Family in a Christian Country!

I often get asked “Do you celebrate Christmas?”.  I don’t even think about the answer and say “yes of course” to which I get the response “Oh!” followed by “but you are a Buddhist”. I could easily ask them “do … Continue reading

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The Path by The Buddha

Best of the paths is the eightfold, best of the truths the four; best of the virtues is freedom from attachment; best of the people is the one who sees. This is the path; there is no other that leads … Continue reading

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Drukpa Tse Shi Choegi Khorlo Korwai Duechen

This year Drukpa Tse Shi is on Monday 20th July which coincide with the 6th month of the 4th day in Tibetan and Bhutanese calendar, considered one of the auspicious days of all in Buddhist calendar.  My family in Bhutan … Continue reading

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My Favourite Collection of Buddhist Wisdom

Here are some collection of my favourite words of wisdom from Buddhist Gurus. Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have. “All major religious traditions carry basically the same message, that is love, compassion and forgiveness … the … Continue reading

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Buddhist answers to common questions by Lam Shenphen Zangpo

Lam Shenphen Zangpo answers basic questions that every man, woman, and child on the street wants to know. As a Buddhist how would you deal with this statement – “My co-worker is quite difficult to get along with!”.  Let’s forget … Continue reading

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