Five Pearls of Wisdom

I have compiled these five pearls of wisdom from the Tricycle site which covers Dharma Talks conveying the core teachings of Buddha applicable to our everyday lives. I hope you find them as inspiring as I have.

What Really Matters

We can’t live ethically without caring about ourselves as well as others.

Winton Higgins, “Treading the Path with Care

Living and Dying with Confidence

If we’re not reflecting on the impermanent nature of life, then there are a lot of unimportant things that seem important. Our jobs seem important. Money seems important. But if we’re really reflecting on impermanence then we can see that the important things are compassion and loving others—giving to others and taking care of others.

—Allison Choying Zangmo, “Living and Dying with Confidence

A Daily Discovery

Revisiting [meditation] on a regular basis provides each of us with a unique and intimate rhythm of discovery.

—Lauren Krauze “A Watchfulness Routine for Writing

Understanding Across Difference

Understanding across difference, whatever the difference, lies at the center of spiritual life and aspiration.

—Henry Shukman, “The Meeting

Finding Stability in Impermanence

Change is good, we’re told. A fresh breeze blown through life keeps us on our toes, fully alive until we die.

—Joan Duncan Oliver, “Love, Loss and the Grocery Store


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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

My throw away comment, said on impulse,  to support my dear wife whilst undergoing chemotherapy treatment became reality today. She started losing clumps of her hair a few days ago and decided to get her hair shaved off for practicality. I was not going to let her beat me. Yes, my competitive nature took over and I have gone bald! 

Like I said in my previous message “If you can’t beat them join them”, so I have, with the help of our local mobile hairdresser, Olivers, and my two boys had all my hair shaved off this Saturday. It was a family affair, taking turns to create various designs at my expense before completely shaving it off.  We now have two baldies in our house!

I am generally a confident person and this has pushed that limit. I have to say, I am self-conscious about being bald, even with a hat and really feel for all those women undergoing chemotherapy treatments. My awareness and respect for them has gone up exponentially and I really take my hat off to all those brave people.

I have no words to describe how grateful I am for your generous donations and your kind words. It has been truly overwhelming how many of you have contributed your hard earned money to our local charity group Force Cancer Support in Exeter, who do a fantastic job for all patients, relatives, and friends, local or otherwise. They have supported us so far and helped us to cope with the impact of Helene’s diagnosis, assisting us with all the difficulties that come with this devastating illness, that no one should have to go through. I intend to keep the page going until the end of her chemotherapy treatments. Please share this page as it will help raise an awareness of cancer charity groups such as force and this devastating illness.

Our local mobile hairdresser, Oliver’s, who also happens to be called Helen, gave her time for free to shave my hair off as well as offering to donate some money to the charity which she is so passionate about too. It was so kind and generous of her.

I am not sure who had the most fun, Helen or the boys as they took it in turns to shear off my hair. Arun did a good job with the final shave off whilst everyone watched and commented.

If you feel up to donating, big or small, it will be greatly appreciated and will be helping to fund a fantastic cause. I really appreciate all your support. Thank you so very much. 🙂



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Head Shave for Cancer Charity

Head Shave for Charity

“If you can’t beat them join them” as the saying goes, so I have decided to have my hair shaved off to support my dear wife who is undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Soon there will be two baldies in our house!

I’m not sure whether I was foolish or brave when I said to my wife Helene that I wanted to show my support, by having my hair shaved off when she starts losing hers, due to the recent start of her chemotherapy treatment. She didn’t believe that I’d do it as I haven’t shaved my hair since I was a child. I know it’s not much in the grand scheme of what she’s currently going through, but I am determined to show her how much she means to all of us, so here goes! Off with this… hair!

I have told my friends at work about my plan, and they suggested I should raise some money for the charity whilst doing it. Whilst initially I was planning to do it just to show my solidarity for my wife, and what she is undergoing, I thought this was a great idea. I wanted to support our local charity group Force Cancer Support in Exeter, who do a fantastic job for all patients, relatives, and friends, local or otherwise. They have supported us so far and helped us to cope with the impact of Helene’s diagnosis, assisting us with all the difficulties that come with this devastating illness, that no one should have to go through. I’m not sure how much money I’ll be able to raise, but whatever I can manage, will hopefully be of help.

My boys have helped me with the photos, and I’ve booked a local hairdresser kindly giving their time and skills for free, so I’m all set for the end of May! Anything you’re able to donate, big or small, will be greatly appreciated and will be helping to fund a fantastic cause.

I really appreciate all your support. Thank you so very much.

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Teachers Day in Bhutan – The Real Reason to Celebrate

May the 2nd is marked as the teachers day in Bhutan. Aside from appreciating and displaying our gratitude to all our teachers past and present, this day is very important for one particular reason. Most countries have a driving force behind their education system and Bhutan has such a person on the success of its modern education and that person is His late Majesty the third king of Bhutan Jigme Dorji Wangchuck, also known fondly by all Bhutanese as the father of modern Bhutan. He is the reason first and foremost to celebrate and dedicate this special day.

The third king was in many ways a visionary king and you could say the seed of democracy was already planted by him during his reign and knew that the future survival of Bhutan may depend in allowing its people to govern themselves. That wish was fulfilled by his son the fourth king of Bhutan Jigme Singye Wangchuck despite the reluctance and uproar from the public to change. Bhutan became democratic, constitutional monarchy in 2008 with a population of no more than 700,000. The fifth king, Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, is the head of state, leader of the government is Tshering Tobgay, second ever Prime Minister, who succeeded Jigme Thinley in 2013.

The modern western education system was introduced to provide learning centers to study science, mathematics, modern farming techniques etc. whilst also preserving and promoting the monastic schools along with its culture and tradition. This was a calculated move which really accelerated the literacy and numeracy growth in Bhutan and today almost all of our youths are educated. His vision was to preserve the unique tradition and culture of Bhutan for the outside world to admire, by propagating through schools whilst also modernizing the education system.

He was a farsighted leader beyond his time to understand the future security of Bhutan. He secured Bhutan’s membership with the United Nations by becoming its 125th member in 1971. Furthermore, he made sure Bhutan’s relationship with its neighbouring countries were diversified. Today Bhutan enjoys these friendships with countries around the world and particularly with SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) nations.

Our unconditional gratitude and thanks,  goes to His late Majesty the third king Jigme Dorji Wangchuck and to all the teachers of Bhutan past and present. Happy Teachers Day in Bhutan.

Tashi Delek!
Tenzin YW

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I, a roaring lion, do not need a palace

I, a roaring lion, do not need a palace:
My lion palace is the snow mountains’ exalted heights.
I shake my excellent turquoise mane as I please
As I roam at will in delightful snow mountain ravines.

I, an eagle, do not need a fortress:
My white eagle fortress is the loftiest cliff.
I spread wide my excellent wings as I please
As I soar through the space of the vast blue heavens.

I, a tiger, do not need a castle:
My tiger castle is the densest jungle.
I show off my stripes as I please
As I set out to prowl in the best sandalwood forests.

I, a golden bee, do not need farmland:
My bee farmland is the finest lotus groves.
I sing beautiful melodious songs as I please
As I hover to take the sweetest tasting nectar.

I, a yogi, do not need a home:
My yogi home is good any place I roam.
I naturally achieve my two noble goals
As I set out to wander aimlessly as I please.

– Dudjom Rinpoche, Jigdral Yeshé Dorjé – Wisdom Nectar – Shambhala Publications

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Profound Advise from Buddha

This is what Buddha said to his disciples which may not be exactly translated but the core message is still there which can be applied to our everyday modern online connected world.

Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.

It is this profound message we should practice to become an even better person than we already are.

Tashi Delek to you all!

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Little Friendly Friend

Tears in my eyes!

We watched a documentary programme on animal and their caring nature, where a little dog was so caring for sick people and as well as for its owner from doing household chores from collecting mails, opening door, picking up a phone when it rang and even an attempt to take the washing out of the washing machine. They say the dogs are man’s best friend and here this was clearly demonstrated.

This little creature’s compassion was second to none as it was taken to a cancer hospital where it helped by providing company to terminally ill patients. How can such a little dog show such sensitivity, caring and loving that even some human struggles?

Truly awesome animal, capable of dispensing unconditional love and one that anyone would be happy to have as their best friend.

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